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About Me! And my Blog.









My name is Aimee, and this is my blog.

I live in Minnesota. Yes, it’s cold. Yes, there is snow 6 months out of the year. Yes, we can only grow fruits and vegetables outdoors like 4 months of the year. But we have a fantastic (year round!) farmer’s  market in town! And great roadside produce stands in the summer, and lots of lakes. So it’s all good. Also, we take vacations in the winter. To warm places, like California and Mexico. It’s a coping mechanism.

While returning from a recent family vacation, my husband (in an attempt to make everyone feel better about returning to the 4 feet of snow) asked each of us what we missed most about home.

Husband: Guitar!

Son: Video games!

Me: Cooking! (cue very odd looks from passengers across the aisle and my husband).

It’s true, though! I love cooking. And photography. And reading. And drinking wine. And spending time with my family. And I get to do ALL of those things on vacation, except cook.

Spending time in the kitchen is something I’ve always enjoyed a great deal. Back in high school, I threw a bit of a fit when I realized that our Thanksgiving pies were made with STORE BOUGHT PIE DOUGH (once a year, can’t we roll out some crusts?!). My mom, being the pragmatic person she is (and probably trying to teach me a lesson), handed over the task of pie baking to yours truly. Too many years later to count, I’m still doing it.

Monday-Friday, 9-5, I play around with data. I’m a data analyst. It’s exciting, but not nearly as good of a blogging topic as my adventures in the kitchen (although really, some days my life feels like an episode of The Office. But anyway!).

I have a wonderful husband who is a terrible cook, which works out well because I cook, and he does dishes, and there’s never really quibbling about it. He is not a great food critic, because he loves everything I make, and his only (recurring) critique is that I should add more meat to my dishes.

We have a little boy (ugh, not little, almost 8 years old! Practically a man!) who is also not a great food critic, because he loves only pasta and corndogs (and Star Wars and LEGOs). Such is life.


Why did I start this blog? Well, I realized that I spend a lot of my time telling people about delicious things that I make in my kitchen, and trying to convince them that they should/could make these delicious things too. And then I send them recipes, with detailed notes about changes I made to them. And then I pester them endlessly about whether or not they’ve made them yet (it’s not at all irritating, I’m sure!). I even have friends who call me just to ask what to make for dinner. Having a blog where I can not only share with people all the things I cook, but can also keep a running record for my own purposes, made sense.


My sister Lisa recently started a fantastic beauty blog, and she gave me the final push into blogdom. So here’s a shout-out to her! If you want to look beautiful while cooking, visit her blog.


If this short novel didn’t answer all of the questions you’d hoped, please send me an email at I’d love to hear from you!

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