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A Promise

December 11, 2011

I’ve been absent from this blog for longer than seems possible – and now I’m updating not with a recipe, but with a promise. But first, I have some homework to do, and a very important list to make.

You see, my amazing friend Jen and I get together for one weekend every December for a cookie baking and candy making extravaganza. This year will mark our seventh straight year of coating the kitchen in sugar and flour while talking and laughing nonstop. Jen arrives in 6 days, and I still don’t know what I’m going to make.

Last year we decided it was high time we chronicle the highlights (and kitchen lessons learned) from these weekends in a journal. As many of our conversations center around previous baking weekends (“remember when you tried to make the filling for those button cookies and you ended up with mess after crystallized mess in the saucepan?!”), we even went back and put an entry in for each of the years prior. Tonight, as I pulled out magazines and cookbooks to peruse through while finalizing – oh who am I kidding – starting my “what to make” list, I flipped through that journal and relived some of our baking years past. Years filled with spicy cashews, peanut butter bonbons, gingerbread men, marshmallows, lemon wreaths, chocolate mint cookies, and toffee.

So, my promise: I promise to share with you the most delicious thing that’s made next weekend  – recipe included. I promise to share with you the funniest story, the best photos, and the most important lesson learned. I give you my word.

… And lest you wonder just what I’ve been up to in my time away, I shall show you.




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